About this site

Working as a Sysadmin, a lab helps out a lot. Imagine having a lab almost looking like the production environment where you can do whatever you want without risking to break anything. I work as a Infrastructure consultant and use my lab to test solutions for customers and also to educate myself in new technologies and products.

A lab doesn’t have to cost a fortune, so I will focus on building it cheap, fast and easy. If you would have to spend a lot of money and time, you probably end up never getting your own lab.

This site is dedicated to my lab and my experiences with it. I also share my general Sysadmin findings as a IT-consultant that I find along the way, and I often also post regarding my home entertainment network.

Make sure to visit the overview page and you’ll find a description of the lab.

You can reach me by e-mailing info ( at ) sysadminlab.net.