With Windows Server 2012 released to manufacturing and if you’ve followed my article on how to install MDT 2012 on Windows Server 2012, you probably want to start deploying Windows Server 2012 using MDT 2012. Well, that’s super easy! MDT 2012 Update 1 adds support for this.
  • On the Deployment Server, mount/insert an Windows Server 2012 DVD, start Deployment Workbench and right-click Operating System and select Import Operating System and select Full set of source files, choose the DVD as source directory
  • Right-click Task Sequences and choose New. Task Sequence ID and name can be whatever you want. Choose Standard ServerTask Sequence. Choose the OS and follow the wizard.
  • In the Properties -> Windows PE -> x64 and x86 Settings, de-select “Generate a Lite Touch bootable ISO image” if you don’t really need it.
  • Right-click Deployment Share and choose Update Deployment Share. Select Completely regenerate..
  • Start Windows Deployment Servicesright-click Boot Images and Add Boot Image and add both x86 and x64 .wim files from the directory to where you just generated them, <DRIVE>:\DeploymentShare\Boot.
  • In Windows Deployment Services -> Properties on the server and on the Boot tab, select the default boot images for x86 and x64 which you just generated which were saved to <DRIVE>:\DeploymentShare\Boot. NOTE! You have to start the WDS service, otherwise the boot images will not be seen when you press Select.

Now you should be able to boot a computer and install it using MDT.