The new best practice when it comes to computer names seems to be setting the computers serial number as the name. This is great on vendors like Dell which uses a  5 digit Alpha-Numeric code. However, some vendors, like HP, uses a at least 10 digit Alpha-Numeric code. If you want to shorten this down a little bit in Configuration Manger or Deployment Toolkit, you can define this parameter:


If the computer has the serial number CZC8521WLT this will set the computer name to UKLO-21WLT. That’s because it starts counting from the right of the serial number and then stops counting at the fifth digit.

Remember to choose wisely, there’s always a chance that you won’t get unique names by doing this since several different computers can have the same last digits. You will most likely run into this problem if you choose to add only one or two digits. I suggest that you always use at least four digits and possibly up to six depending on the number of computers you’re going to deploy.