So you finally got your head around Exchange AutoDiscover but when a new user with a new Windows profile starts Outlook for the first time, they still get the following wizard? What the heck? Not really truly “silent” and user friendly… Keep on reading to make it really user friendly and silent.

Make sure the following registry key is set before the user starts Outlook for the first time (for example, using GPP).

DWORD: ZeroConfigExchange
0 (or missing) = default autoconfiguration functionality
1 = no interaction except for credentials prompt (if required)

With that set, and of course if AutoDiscover is correctly configured in your Exchange environment, you just get the following and nothing more.

What if, for some reason, it can’t automatically configure everything using AutoDiscover? Will it completely fail? No – it will revert back to the normal “manual” model:

You probably also noticed two more annoying questions you would like to supress for the user.
Please enter your full name and initials below.

Set the following two registry keys (for example using GPP):

REG_SZ: UserInitials
Value: User initials
REG_SZ: UserName
Value: User name

And also the annoying
Welcome to Microsoft Office 2010
Help Protect and Improve Microsoft Office
…where you usually want to check “Don’t make changes” and control that using GPO instead.

Using the Office 2010 Administrative Template (.admx), configure the following:

User Configuration\Policies\Administrative Templates\Microsoft Office 2010\Miscellaneous
Suppress recommended setting dialog -> Enabled

If you are using DNS SRV record for AutoDiscover you might get the following popup after a few seconds after starting Outlook:
Allow this website to configure server settings?

Set the following registry key (for example using GPP):

The hostname/FQDN showed in the address, for example

Hopefully this will give your users a better user experience when using Outlook 2010.