I spent this weekend updating the home network NAS in my home entertainment network. I’ve been using the QNAP TS-209P for a few years now and it have never caused any problems whatsoever.

So I was lucky enough to win (!) a brand ned QNAP TS-269 Pro. Biggest difference is that it’s based on the Intel Atom CPU rather than the good old ARM CPU. The advantage of this is that I can run more applications on it since it’s x86. You will probably see some future posts how I configured, both for documentation for myself and to help others in the same situation.

Here’s what I use my QNAP NAS for:
– NAS fileserver to store all my media which I stream to my Plex Media Center in the livingroom and bedroom.
– I use OpenRemote to remote control my Receiver, TV, MAC and lights from my iPhone and the OpenRemote server is installed on the QNAP.
– Cloud backup where the NAS backs up directly to CrashPlan. More on that later.

Oh, and while we were at it, we signed up for a new car to replace our Audi A3. A Volvo V40:

Awesomeness – the whole instrument is actually a LED screen so you can change theme on it:

And best of all, you can access the iPhone phone book from the LED screen and can stream music from Spotify to the car stereo – wireless. Sorry Audi, maybe we’ll see eachother in a few years.