I often create GPO:s which Assign a certain software and make sure that I have a domain group which contain the computer where I want the software installed and then I make sure Security Filtering of the GPO doesn’t contain Authenticated Users but only the group. That way, I control which computers get that software.

But what if someone later uninstall the software manually? No matter reboots, the software will not be re-installed by the GPO. How do you force it to re-install?

On the computer, go to HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Group Policy\AppMgmt

This GPO contains information of which GPO software that has been installed on the computer. You have to delete two things:

  1. Delete the whole key (tree) of the software you need to reinstall. There’s one key per software. You can easily identify which key that corresponds to which software by looking at the “Deployment Name” value. Also, please note the Product ID, becasue…

  2. …you will have to delete this corresponding value in the AppMgmt key aswell:

You might need to reboot and it should reinstall the software.