Update 14th June 2010: At last they made this tool public. Download it here.

You RDP to a bunch of machines daily and you’re still using the good ‘ol built-in Remote Desktop Connection mstsc.exe?

Get in the game and use Remote Desktop Connection Manager (RDCMan.exe) – the single most useful tool I got as an Microsoft Sysadmin. Build a tree of your machines (each for each environment, each customer etc). You can even save the username password – sure, security-wise not a good idea, but entering your username/password hundreds of times a week take time. At least, make sure to encrypt the configfile – BitLocker or TrueCrypt anyone, or get SmartCard logins for your sysadmins.

You can also configure the RDP sessions in the group and then let it inherit (or not…) to all the servers in the group.

So every morning I connect to my lab or get to work, I can do a right-click of a group and select Connect Group and it will connect to all machines and will show me desktop thumbnails.