Update 4th November 2012: Added and edited some.

I’m a big fan of Remote Desktop Connection Manager (RDCMan) to RDP efficiently to all my servers. I wrote a little about it while it still was an “Microsoft internal only” app here.

But what about the alternatives? Well, I did some research and here are the ones I found. Many of them support more protocols than RDP, like VNC, Citrix, SSH etc. Pricing is usually including 1 year maintenance and the company license is for one site.

Product Price
1 user
1 company
Last version/date *)
ASG-Remote Desktop $113 $2497 Also need maintenance, add $16 / $350. Only for 1 country. Cheaper to buy company license when more than 26 admins. All prices here. 2012 Patch 6
4 Jan 2012
CoRD Only for MAC OS X. Maybe you’re not happy with the Microsoft Remote Desktop Client for MAC? 0.5.7
25 Jul 2012
MuRD $35 Doesn’t seem to be developed anymore so there migh be better alternatives.
2 Dec 2008
RDCMan 2.2
27 May 2010
RD Tabs 2.1.25
17 May 2012
Remote Desktop Manager $70 $1100
18 Sep 2012
Royal TS $35 $560 2.1.4
20 Sep 2012
Terminals 2.0
7 Mar 2012

*) Last version is the version available when this post last was edited. If date not found at the actual download page, I also tried to investigate when it was released either by checking release noted, in their forum or dates of files downloaded. Please comment if incorrect.

– visionapp was renamed to ASG-Remote Desktop
– mRemote was removed since it has merged with Royal TS.

What is your favorite?