8 years ago I wrote a very popular post how to optimize my laptop and only install the necessary drivers and software to make it as fast as possible. That took the boot time from 64 seconds to 29 seconds.

It seems like Microsoft heard our calling and have since then release Microsoft Signature Edition PCs that are supposed to be free of bloatware. Also, their Surface line are very optimized. But what about all other laptops filled with blotware and crap? A recent HP Envy laptop I helped a friend setup had Drawboard PDF, Netflifx, SketchBook, Booking.com, Amazon, McAfee, Candycrush and all other crap installed – 94 (!) of them!


Microsoft announced Windows 10 Start Fresh. At first, it was a tool you had to download but starting from 1709 . If you’re running pre-1709, just upgrade and you should get the possibility to run Windows 10 Start Fresh simply from Start > Windows Defender Security Center > Device Performance and Health > Start Fresh > Additional information > Getting Started. There’s also a link there that will get your more info.


It will inform you which apps it will remove. For me, it took around 20 minutes to run this tool.

Once completed, you will find a HTML file on the desktop that includes all the applications that was uninstalled. In my case, only 40 of the original 94 applications installed remains and so far – all seems to be working fine and Device Manager does not show any unknown devices.

At last a tool that helps me optimize my friend’s computers without the need for a complete re-install.