I tested some ActiveSync policies on Windows Mobile and was wondering how it would look on the user’s mobile phone – this is how it looks.

What if you disallow the camera? This behaved a little bit different if it was on a Sony Ericsson X2 (Windows Mobile 6.5) and Sony Ericsson X1 (Windows Mobile 6.1). On 6.1, I got a message saying “Cameras are not allowed here”  but on the X2 it just silently closes the camera when I try to start it.

What if you disallow the browser? When you start Internet Explorer, it will say a policy prevents you from starting IE. But of course, this does not stop them from starting Opera or any other browser installed.

What if you disallow attachments in the e-mails? You see the attachments in the e-mail but they are not downloaded. If you click them, it will say it’s going to download it during the next sync, but that is of course not true. I guess this could confuse the users. What if you later decide to allow attachments? Then they will be downloaded of course if the users decides to.