If you’ve read my article on what drivers are needed for the HP EliteBook 8440p you understand that I like to keep my computer clean and keep the installed stuff at the minimum.

Well, I got my hands on a Sony VAIO VGN-Z21WN/B or VGN-Z21WN_B if you used the command wmic csproduct get name.

This Sony VAIO model has to be the worst when it comes to supporting us techies when it comes to drivers. Just look at their download page and they have some 30+ stuff to install but many of them are not explained at all. Once downloaded you might have a Version.txt in the archive but all it says is the version, not explanation at all. One reason why it was hard to get everything to work is because many drivers are for x86 only and I wanted to install x64. I didn’t get everything to work but the most essential worked perfectly. I hope this will be valuable for some…

Oh and have you wondered how to get into BIOS on a Sony Vaio? On this model it was F2. But some other states F1 or DEL which might apply to other Vaio models.

So what I did was to install Windows 7 x64 with SP1 and ran Windows Update and took it from there … From start I had three things in the Device Manager not working:

  • Standard VGA Graphics Adapter
  • Base System Device
  • SDA Standard Compliant SD Host Controller

Then I downloaded some drivers from their website.

  • VAIO Update. According to the startup it says “VAIO Update helps to keep your VAIO tuned fro optimum performance. It allows you to check for important notices about your VAIO and run the latest updates for your computer.” Sounds good, so I started with this and hoping it would install everything I needed but nope… But I still kept it. When you continue the initial setup wizard it will ask you to enable:
    – Communicate with the update server at regular intervals and notify of updates
    – Enable VAIO Auto Update (VAIO Auto Update is a function to automatically install important VAIO updates)
    – Enable VAIO Software Self Update (VAIO Software Self Update is a function to check for update information and perform updates when running Sony Software)
    At the time of this article VAIO Update was at version for this model.
  • Shared Library seems to be [link]: Video codec Library in order to help the media applications like “VAIO Media”,”VAIO ZONE”,”VAIO Video & Photo Suite”,”SonicStage” and “SonicStage Mastering Studio” to decode special media files from sony itself, like OMA music format, the newest version which added support of AVCHD format.
  • Smart Network is the little grey bar where you can enable and disable the different network modules (WWAN, WLAN, Bluetooth etc). WWAN is off by default so this thing is mandatory if you ever want to run the WWAN (3g) module which seems to be a GlobeTrotter model BTW. But when I installed it (you have to reboot to get it automatically to start) I got the buttons “grey” and non-functional like this:

    But once I installed either (sorry, can’t remember which one) VAIO Update or Shared Library I got it working:
  • When I switched on the WWAN (3G, the one to the left) I saw GlobeTrodder HDSPA Modem gettings added to Device Manager (as an Unknown Device). But on Sony’s website, there’s only a 32-bit version available.
  • Wireless Connection Manager (at this time, but when starting it, it said Device not found:
    Then I tried to install the WWAN Driver even though it was 32 bit – no luck.
  • … so I gave up and went to the Option website, entering my IMEI and got a downloaded the files. There it told me it was model GTM378 E. After installing (only the GlobeTrotter Connect) and a reboot – it worked, but the “Smart Card” still was left uninstalled.